Daisy and the Dragon’s Egg… In print & judge’s comments

Daisy and the Dragon’s Egg… In print & judge’s comments

Daisy and The Dragon’s Egg appeared in Writing Magazine this month.  I think I got pretty lucky as the brief just happened to fit a picture book text I’d already written.  That brief was to write a story for children about “coming to terms with something”.  In Daisy and the Dragon’s Egg a young girl comes to terms with a whole stack of things: a new parent figure, home, school and sibling (phew!)… all via her new responsibility as the keeper of a shimmering dragon’s egg.  After I’d written this story I started to think that I’d watched Bowie’s Labyrinth one too many times. If you read it maybe you’ll make the connection…


Daisy and the Dragon’s Egg also exists as a text of 700 words where pictures are intended to help tell the story.  To make the story longer for this comp, I investigated Daisy’s emotions and also got to write some visual descriptions – not something that a picture book author gets to do very often!  The comp win also came with £200 – my first earnings from writing ever. I’d like to say I didn’t spend a penny of it on vintage junk or stationery, but…

You can read the story online here.

We Love Story/Craft Club!

When I started this Y1 / Y2 after-school club I suspected I’d meet even a little resistance or apathy (from the kids of course, not the staff at Glenfrome Primary).

But no, the kids TOTALLY LOVE to make stories! Some of them write, some of them draw, some do both, and ALL of them bomb the place with glitter.

The reason I loved story-making when I was a kid was the allure of those blank pages… so much potential! It’s great to create that same opportunity and see their eyes light up as they set down their own worlds in these little white books.