I’m really excited to release the first episode of Story House, a short podcast for grown-up picture book lovers.  In the picture above you can see story sparks Rudy, Digby, Disa and Jack taking a look at the first of our featured books, No! by Marta Altés.  In this episode of Story House we set the format for those that follow. You’ll hear the kids listening to – or taking part in – the story, after which Dr Patrica Lucas sheds light on some developmental aspects of their story experience.

Our aim is to reveal some of the hidden secrets of the picture book and child relationship: what elements tickle them and why? Why do certain joys never wear thin? What learning is going on under the surface of the story chaos?

I hope that if you are a parent or carer, librarian, teacher, writer or simply a picture book lover, you’ll find something out about picture books that you didn’t quite know before.  And if you don’t, I hope you’ll simply enjoy the sweet sound of children loving stories and two big people getting all excited about it.  But watch out – it’s a noisy one!

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