Daisy and The Dragon’s Egg appeared in Writing Magazine this month.  I think I got pretty lucky as the brief just happened to fit a picture book text I’d already written.  That brief was to write a story for children about “coming to terms with something”.  In Daisy and the Dragon’s Egg a young girl comes to terms with a whole stack of things: a new parent figure, home, school and sibling (phew!)… all via her new responsibility as the keeper of a shimmering dragon’s egg.  After I’d written this story I started to think that I’d watched Bowie’s Labyrinth one too many times. If you read it maybe you’ll make the connection…


Daisy and the Dragon’s Egg also exists as a text of 700 words where pictures are intended to help tell the story.  To make the story longer for this comp, I investigated Daisy’s emotions and also got to write some visual descriptions – not something that a picture book author gets to do very often!  The comp win also came with £200 – my first earnings from writing ever. I’d like to say I didn’t spend a penny of it on vintage junk or stationery, but…

You can read the story online here.

One thought on “Daisy and the Dragon’s Egg… In print & judge’s comments

  1. Helen Liston I could see me using this book with children I work with who are struggling with separation and loss with divorce etc. xxx


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